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Agrivalle presents bioinsecticide Gr-inn against spittle bugs in Brazilqrcode

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Agrivalle presents bioinsecticide Gr-inn against spittle bugs in Brazil

Agrivalle has launched the biopesticide Gr-inn (Metarhizium anisopliae) in Brazil, which has a high capacity of parasitism and can be adapted to the field conditions.
Gr-inn, a bioinsecticide based on the fungi Metarhizium anisopliae, is the new alternative for the control of Spittle Bug (Mahanarva Fimbriolata) in sugarcane roots. 
According to the maker, the safer and more sustainable solution against this plague controls the natural enemies effectively.
“The biological control of the Spittle Bug in roots in Brazil has been a success,” agronomist Wagner Coladel, marketing manager at Agrivalle, said. 
According to the maker, Gr-inn allows the producer to alternate the biological control with the use of agrochemicals. According to Agrivalle, Gr-inn can be also used for the management of grasshopper (Zulia entrerriana and Deois flavopicta).
Spittle Bug in roots can cause losses up to 80% in the yield and 30% in its sucrose content. Coladel highlighted that the damages were caused mostly by nymphs through the sucking of water and nutrients, and the adults can also cause damage by the ingestion of toxins by the plants.
“With the prohibition on cane burning, this plague became rampant, as the straw left over from the harvest is an ideal host for the multiplication of the insect,” Coladel explained.
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Source: AgroNews


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