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Red Sun achieves breakthrough in Pyridine production processqrcode

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Red Sun
Recently, the Science and Technology Advancement First Prize was awarded to the Enzymatic Nicotinamide Production and Pyridine Industrial Optimization Program, which is developed jointly by Anhui Costar Biochemical Ltd. and Anhui Redpont Biotechnology Ltd. (subsidiaries of Red Sun Group) in cooperation with Zhejiang University.
Pyridine base is a key raw material for the heterocyclic pesticide, medicine and veterinary drug, being referred to as the “chip” of heterocyclic drugs. At present, China’s Pyridine base capacity accounts for 80 percent of the world’s total, but Pyridine production and its by-product high-value utilization are under the control of international industry players, which restrains China’s Pyridine base development on a long-term basis. 
Anhui Costar Biochemical and Anhui Redpont Biotechnology have worked closely while utilizing the research platform established in cooperation with Zhejiang University, having successfully developed a synthetic catalyst, which has resulted in a Pyridine base synthesizing process based on the riser - fluidized bed reactor. 
This is a breakthrough in the Pyridine base production technology, which used to be monopolized by international enterprises. The research and development of oxidation catalyst and green catalysis, as well as the use of gene discovery and high expressive technique have enabled high-valued utilization of 3-Methylpyridine, which is the most prominent by product of the production of the pyridine base. This is a breakthrough achievement in eliminating the constraint to China’s pyridine production, which will facilitate Pyridine industrial upgrading and optimization.
This technical achievement is of great importance to China’s Pyridine base development as well as the industry upgrading and optimization, which will enhance the competitive edge of the Chinese Pyridine industry chain and the sustainable development of the Pyridine base industry.
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