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Aug. 17, 2017

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By Think Real - On 20 June, 2017, Beijing Yoloo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Beijing Yoloo) held a forum about the Prevention and Control of Resistance Thrips and Diamondback Moths in South China and New Product Launch Meeting in 2017, which was attended by 60 experts of plant protection and pesticide distributors from Guangdong Province, Hainan Province and Guangxi Autonomous Region. As pointed out by the Vice Chief of Beijing Yoloo, Zhao Xuecai, the company will embrace its break this year and next year by launching new products. At the same time, the company is strengthening cooperation with well-known foreign enterprises and actively introduce new active ingredients for the domestic pesticide market and provide more choices for farmers.
As known, diamondback moth is the most commonly seen pest in the vegetable planting regions in southern China, which is also one with the most serious resistance (over 100 times against abamectin and pyrethroid insecticides).
Thrip is also a main pest in southern China. It used to harm a lot on melons like wax gourd, Chieh-qua, cucumber and watermelon and then it causes serious damage to pepper, tomato, eggplant and beans. Now, it is a quite harmful pest for almost all crops. Along with the ban of insecticides like carbofuran and ethiofencarb, there are rare cures for the pest on the market.
Under the circumstances, Beijing Yoloo has screened out two products after many tests, namely Xinmiening (active ingredient: spinetoram) and Qiangmie (active ingredients: pyriproxyfen+ chlorfenapyr). The two can effectively prevent and control thrips and diamondback moths, with broad spectrum (they are effective on many similar pests), long effect and slowing down of the generation of resistance.
In addition, Beijing Yoloo introduced some of its newly launched products in 2017, including Guanjunle (copper hydroxide), Yishake (tetraconazole) and Jinqi (pyraclostrobin+boscalid), all of which are highly-effective and safe fungicides.
In the past three years, the company has become a good cooperation platform for foreign companies through cooperative registrations. For example, the cooperation of pyraclostrobin by BASF has made its sales reach USD14.7 million since its launch last year. At the same time, it keeps long-term cooperative relationships with Dow and DuPont. In the future, it will speed up partnerships with Nufarm and Bayer.
Previously, 50% of the main products of Beijing Yoloo were sold in the rice production regions along the Changjiang River Realm. In the recent two years, it has been gradually adjusting its strategies by transferring its marketing focus to key markets like Guangxi Autonomous Region and Hainan Province. In the next few years, it will launch more products to the Southern China market.
Ever since 2015, Beijing Yoloo has enjoyed 30% growth in its sales every year, and in 2016 it entered in to the national top five for the first time by the sales of pesticide formulations.
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