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Spraytec launches biostimulant Fulltec Max in Argentinaqrcode

Favorites Print Aug. 16, 2017

During the Congress of the Association of No-Tillage Farmers of Argentina, the company Spraytec launched Fulltec Max—the first intelligent phyto-stimulant designed specially to accompany the graminicides—and is capable of doing over six actions at a time. 
It is an anti-foam technology that activates the metabolism of plants and is a penetrator that also conditions hard waters.
According to Pablo Lafuente De Volder, marketing manager at Spraytec, Fulltec Max is a powerful helper for the application. 
“It maximizes the performance of pesticides and has an anti-derivation and anti-evaporation action. It is an overdrive technology, it is easy to use and improves the cation sequestration and corrects the foam and the pH level of the water. We like to present it like something smart, such as a smartphone that can multiply actions at a time. This is smart technology that gets to the file and will surely revolutionize the quality of the application. It could be included in the phytosanitary products that come with oils and are ready to use,” he explained.
Fulltec Max, because of its exclusive formulation, generates an optimal metabolic update that speeds up the action of agrochemicals, improving its speed of entrance and movements inside the plant. It was designed to accompany the graminicides, which also help in high effectiveness applications with insecticides and fungicides.
Favorites Print
Source: AgroNews


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