Fengle Agrochemical was recently granted the invention patent for 'Corn Seedling Post-emergence Mixture Herbicide Containing Topramezone and Thiencarbazone-methyl' by the China State Intellectual Property Office.
Thiencarbazone-methyl is a sulfonylamino-carbonyl-triazolinone herbicide , which is an acetolactate synthetase inhibitor that controls the cornfield grassy weed and broad-leaf weed. Topramezone is a novel herbicide developed by BASF. The patents for the above compounds will expire between 2018 and 2020.
Being well adapted to the market demand, Fengle Agrochemical has endeavored to make the first move in the market. The patent filed by the company covers a herbicide mixture, which can control cornfield annual grassy weed, broad-leaf weed and nut grass with remarkable efficacy. Moreover, a one-off application kills off weeds during the crop’s whole growth period without impacting the reap crop, thus being an ideal herbicide for weed control.