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Kimbterlit launches nematodes-resistant fertilizer Hulkqrcode

Jul. 17, 2017

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Foliar fertilizer Hulk, developed by Kimberlit Agrociências, was launched in the Brazilian market. 
The product offers resistance in crops to plagues, diseases, lack of water, excessive light and nematodes.
In its composition and organic substances capable of introducing genes of resistance in plants, the product is capable of acting nutritionally and physiologically against abiotic and biotic stress. 
That is, it acts by promoting a larger production of proteins resistant to pathogenicity in crops submitted to plagues, diseases, lack of water, excess of light and nematodes.
According to the agronomist Juscelio Ramos de Souza, master in Phytotechnique and researcher of the Kimberlit Agrociências, Hulk is the unique inducer of resistance in the market with an action of translocation of plagues, applied through the leave that achieves to act until the root system. “The product can be positioned in all phases of the crop, increasing the levels of protection of substances, such as Glucanases, Defensins, Peroxidase, Chitinases, and Thionines,” said Juscelio Ramos de Souza.
Hulk was developed for all crops with an economic interest, among them: cotton, coffee, citrus, sugarcane, kidney beans, corn, and soybeans and has shown great effectiveness in all of them. According to the expert at Kimberlit Agrociências, several results of research in institutions and experimental areas in properties has already demonstrated the efficiency of the fertilizer in inducing resistance to plants. 
“The results were already proven in the induction of resistance to the attack of nematodes on soybean crops, through experiments conducted by the MT Foundation in Rondonópolis, at the State University of Norte Fluminense and the University of Passo Fundo in Rio Grande do Sul,” said Souza.
Besides, an experiment made in soybean crops, such as the SEEDS consultancy in Passo Fundo during the 2016-2017 crop, proves the effectiveness of the fertilizer in productivity gains. 
When using only the standard fungicides for phytosanitary soybeans, they harvested 67 bags of soybeans per hectare. When using Hulk via foliar application associated to fungicides, which had a high of 72.9 bags per hectare of the oilseed, an increase of over five bags per hectare was reflected.
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