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Ihara launches Fusao EC fungicide in Brazilqrcode

Favorites Print Jul. 14, 2017
Ihara announced the launch of the Fusão EC (Metominostrobin + Tebuconazole), which presents a brand new molecule for the control of Asian Rust. 
The new fungicide is formulated with Metominostrobin, an exclusive active principle, which was never used before in Brazil.
According to the maker, it is an important alternative with the goal of combating a developing resistant through the fungus Phakopsorapachyrhizi in the existing products. “Metomonostrobin is a new Strobilurin, and arrives at a scenario in which the resistance of the Asian Rust in soybeans to the fungicides of this group that is already established. Having said that, its performance is superior to the control of this disease and should maintain it throughout the time,” explained the Manager of Fungicides at Ihara, Luis Demant.
According to him, besides the effectiveness Fusão EC brings as a differential of action over the plant, it also increases protection. “It is the most systemic fungicide in this group in the market, the high speed of absorption and movement of the plant makes it act a lot faster, reducing the action of the diseases.”
Ihara highlighted that the launch does not restrict the combat of Asian Rust only; it can be used to control fungi in corn, wheat, kidney beans, cotton, and rice. The manufacturer pointed out that Fusão EC is effective for the complex of diseases on corn (American Corn Rust, Cercoporiosis and the Mancha-Phaeosphaeria) and wheat diseases (yellow leaf spot and brown leaf spot), besides the Bruzone on rice and angular spot on kidney beans.
Demant also pointed out that the combination of active principles presented in Fusão EC are also an important tool for the management of resistance. Another recommendation is the application of protective fungicides, such as Approve (Fuaziam + Thiophanate Methyl), launched by the company in the beginning of the year.
“Adding the three mechanisms of action of Approve of the two Fusão EC, the farmer now has a solution with five mechanisms of action against soybean diseases, which offers more effectiveness and better management of the resistance,” explained the manager of Ihara. 
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Source: AgroNews


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