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Bion Tech Taiwan launches FERTIPLUS project to join fertilizer producers to improve compound fertilizersqrcode

Jul. 13, 2017

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Bion Tech Taiwan launches FERTIPLUS project to join fertilizer producers to improve compound fertilizers

Taiwan’s highly professional biopesticide producer Bion Tech Inc. has achieved another landmark innovation with its proprietary strain Y1336 of Bacillus subtilis to improve traditional compound fertilizers.

The proprietary strain Y1336 of Bacillus subtilis is the international flagship product of Bion Tech Inc., Taiwan, which is already registered, distributed and marketed in many countries globally as a microbiological biofungicide + biobactericide.  Additionally, Y1336 strain of Bacillus subtilis also has inherent biofertilizer characteristics and functions being a Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria, which promotes over-all crop health primarily promoting the root system, and can also help in decomposition of potassium in soil, help in solubilization of phosphate in soil, and help in the best usage of organic fertilizers to the crop, etc.

Bion Tech Taiwan’s Y1336 strain of Bacillus subtilis is the most suitable strain to mix and coat with all kinds of traditional compound fertilizer.  Bion Tech has made this into an innovative concept and technology project, called FERTIPLUS.

Dr. Subhendu Ganguly, Global Business Manager of Bion Tech Inc. Taiwan said, “Traditional compound fertilizer segment is highly crowded with many players primarily producing and offering different variations of the same key nutrient-elements to achieve product differentiation.  However, this segment remains generic-commodity type, and, hence, driven by high price competitiveness leaving thinner and thinner margins for the producers and their commercial channels.  Hence, we have been studying this segment for a while, and working conscientiously for our FERTIPLUS project.  FERTIPLUS is not a product, but a new concept for fertilizers, where we help fertilizer companies with the whole project to transform their traditional compound fertilizers into a highly special and unique “360-degrees-Total-Functional-Fertilizers”, if you will, which includes N, P, K, other nutrient-elements, organic matter, and, of course, our Y1336 proprietary strain of Bacillus subtilis.  The new “360-degrees-Total-Functional-Fertilizers” produced as a result of FERTIPLUS project creates high differentiation from generic-commodity type traditional compound fertilizer products.”

Subhendu continued, “Bion Tech’s main aim is to satisfy growers with our high specialty products and technologies to enrich their lives.  The bioefficacy performance results of the new “360-degrees-Total-Functional-Fertilizers” produced by FERTIPLUS project can be easily seen by the farmers as an over-all improvement of crop health and soil health.  The tremendous response and swift acceptance by farmers allows the new product to be positioned at a premium price giving better margins for both the producers and their commercial channel.”

Daniel Chen, International Marketing Manager of Bion Tech Inc. Taiwan explained, “With our very special proprietary-technology WP formulation of Y1336 developed and aimed for best coating, we now cooperate with big fertilizer producers, and offer the knowhow and methods to coat our Y1336 strain of Bacillus subtilis onto their granular compound fertilizers.  Our proprietary strain Y1336 of Bacillus subtilis is carried in a special proprietary-technology WP formulation thru the lines of granular fertilizer production system, and it has no problems with heat and high temperature during the production process.  Our Y1336 strain of Bacillus subtilis is perhaps the best heat tolerant strain in the world, and hence, highly suitable for granular fertilizer production and fertilizer industry.  Many other strains are not able to survive the heat and high temperatures during the granular fertilizer production process.  In fact, recently, a very big fertilizer company came to us after having tested strains from many Bacillus subtilis producers from all over the world, and none of those strains survived the heat and high temperature in production.  They were pretty desperate when they contacted us, and heat tolerance was the only question that they asked us in our first discussions.  Of course, we joined with them and have successfully completed the FERTIPLUS project with them with our Y1336 strain of Bacillus subtilis.”

Daniel continued, “Compared with many other “low-grade-fertilizer-type” strains of Bacillus subtilis that are not strong enough, our Y1336 strain of Bacillus subtilis is a “high-grade-pesticide-type” strain that has come out of stringent screening process because of its very strong characteristics, and being a biofungicide + biobactericide + biofertilizer, hands-down “real 3-in-1 product”, Y1336 is also very aggressive to inhibit various soil borne bacterial pathogens and fungal pathogens.  The new “360-degrees-Total-Functional-Fertilizers” coated with our Y1336 developed by fertilizer producers will help to deliver our Y1336 to the soil along with fertilizers when applied by farmers. This does not need additional labor, and will specially help to protect the crop root system and improve biological and physical conditions of the soil as and when fertilizers are applied.”

Mr. Dean Chen, China Business Manager of Bion Tech Inc., Taiwan said, “We have already been cooperating with some big fertilizer producers in China on the FERTIPLUS project.  Traditional fertilizer producers have low profits and are very sensitive to prices accepted by farmers.  However, with FERTIPLUS project, traditional fertilizer producers are able to create a good niche and an innovative “4-in-1” product having Biofungicide + Biobactericide + Biofertilizer + Compound Fertilizer functions (In Chinese called 藥肥結合).  This idea has become a new trend for the China market now.”

Mr. Poju Chen, Chairman of Bion Tech Inc. mentioned, “We have already promoted FERTIPLUS project successfully in many countries, including Taiwan.  And, we are very pleased that many big fertilizer companies are now coming to us to join with us for the FERTIPLUS project, which we feel is primarily due to our vision of the potential benefit of FERTIPLUS project to the fertilizer industry to serve the farmers.  In Taiwan, the biggest fertilizer company has also invested in Bion Tech Inc. Taiwan as a strategic share holder.”

Poju continued, “We have now another proprietary strain of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens YCMA1, which is not only heat and high temperature tolerant, but also UV resistant because it was isolated from volcanic mud magma.  We are currently running trials with our exiting partners to combine both our proprietary strains to create much stronger function of coated compound fertilizers.”

Dr. Subhendu Ganguly, Global Business Manager of Bion Tech Inc. concluded, “Although Bion Tech is not in direct distribution internationally, nevertheless, we work very closely with our partners, collaborators, distributors and many business development consultants in many countries all over the world.  Although we maintain a low profile, however, we are fully involved to visit and reach the farmers and we listen to them, feel and notice the real needs of the farmers right at the grass-roots farm-level, identify and study those needs and market gaps, and then working with our highly qualified R&D we develop new aspects and characters in our products to open unique market niche segments to help and serve farmers.”

Bion Tech is always happy to hear from like-minded and bio-minded interested companies on our email


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