Agrochemical company Red Surcos will venture into the stock market for the first time issuing stocks worth US$100 million to finance productive investments and working capital to expand its commercial policy.
The bids for the stocks have a deadline of 24 months and the deal was intermediated by Balanz Capital and Adcap with a subscription starting on July 27.
Agrochemical company Red Surcos is an Argentinean company with full national capital and a staff of over 250 people dedicated to production, sale, distribution of crop protection products, such as herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers, etc. 
The company started in Avellaneda in 1974 as a family business under the name of Ciagro. After the division of Ciagro, Red Surcos was founded in May 2008 and started the process of transformation to a more professional, innovative company and developing new formulations and the incorporation of two industrial plants in Florencio Varela and Recreo, which today are made as the exclusive products of the brand.
With distribution centers and an extensive network located in strategic locations in Argentina, it also has a presence in the markets of Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Colombia, through offices or commercial representatives.