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Syngenta ranked No. 1 among Argentine agchem companies in 2016qrcode

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Syngenta ranked No. 1 among Argentine agchem companies in 2016

The market for agrochemicals in Argentina had a new leader in 2016. 
Syngenta, the Swiss company, which at a global level was purchased by ChemChina for US$43 billion, had the largest revenue in the agrochemical industry of the country with $329.7 million. The company had a share of 13.3% in the total $2.4 billion market and had a sales growth of 7.78%, compared with 2015.
During the last 10 years, Syngenta was the leader in the market of agrochemicals in general, but was dethroned by Monsanto in 2014. Monsanto, which is being acquired by Bayer for $66 billion, was surpassed by Syngenta in 2016 and became second in the rankings, with $325.5 million. Monsanto dropped by about 13.7% compared with 2015,.
Last year, in the context of an oversupply of products, high stocks in the distribution channels, companies need to comply with sales plans with their parent companies and increased income from finished products, the prices for agrochemicals experienced an average drop of 16.8%, but the volume increased by 17.1%.
In the case of glyphosate , the product heads the individual product sales, the market dropped from $860.3 million to $741.9 million. It was $118.4 million less. The situation in the market of glyphosate impacted mostly Monsanto, a reference to this product.
In this context, Syngenta, in the middle of a growth of the planted area of corn, managed to sell more herbicides, such as atrazine and S-metolachlor, and recover its number one position in the agrochemical market. During this last planting season, according to the Rosario Board of Trade, the area of cereal was 5.8 million hectares, which is 900,000 hectares more compared with the 2015/16.
According to the market survey, last year Dow AgroSciences was the third company with sales of $250.7 million. It reflected a drop of 9.9% related to 2015, because of the fall in prices of glyphosate and herbicides for the control of resistant weeds.
With a growth in the problems of weeds resistant to Glyphosate, other herbicides saw a market jump from $915 million to $1.01 billion. More of these products were used and already represent 41% of the total market; nevertheless, there was a price fall of 15.9% because of high stocks.
At the global level, Dow is merging with DuPont, which represents the third mega-merger that is taking place in the market for agricultural inputs.
In the fourth place in 2016 was Bayer, with $201 million (compared with $208.2 million in 2015) and in fifth place was Atanor, with $195.7 million ($181.2 million in 2015).
In the sixth post was the German company BASF, with $142.9 million; seventh was DuPont with $131.4 million; eighth was the Argentinian company Red Surcos with $116.8 million; ninth was Agrofina, also a local company, with $115.7 million, and tenth was Adama (a subsidiary of the Chinese company, ChemChina), with $110.2 million.
If the new configuration of the global map of agrochemicals is examined, that is, divided into three mega-companies, Bayer-Monsanto, Dow-DuPont and ChemChina, it is observed that these three groups held 54.3% of the market in Argentina in 2016, with a combined sales of $1.35 billion.
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Source: AgroNews


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