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Biocontrol Technologies signs a distribution agreement to commercialize T34 Biocontrol® in Japanqrcode

Jul. 5, 2017

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In 2013 BIOCONTROL and INOCHIO group signed a Product Development Agreement in order to gather all the necessary documentation to submit the application to the Japanese authorities and obtain the authorization to commercialize the T34 Biocontrol® as a plant protection product in Japan.

Since 2013 INOCHIO has performed many GEP trials in different Japanese Research Centers to prove the efficacy of the product against several diseases caused by fungus and bacteria. BIOCONTROL’s team has assisted INOCHIO along all the registration process. The results have consistently shown a good performance of T34 Biocontrol®. The first target crops are rice and tomato and INOCHIO expects to submit the application to the authorities by the first quarter of 2018 that would mean start the commercialization of the product by the second half of 2019. Afterward INOCHIO have planned to expand the authorization to other vegetables and ornamental plants.
T34 Biocontrol® will be one of the first biological based products effective against disastrous soil-borne diseases such as Ralstonia solanacearum to be authorized in Japan, after having overcome a hard and long registration process.
For Biocontrol Technologies having the product commercialized in Japan means having access to the first Asian country, proving the capacity of the product to adapt in different climate conditions, crops and diseases. The company is really satisfied with this agreement and happy to publicly announce this partnership with a key player in providing solutions to growers in Japan as it is INOCHIO Group.
INOCHIO Group considers this partnership a further step to provide safety and biological solution to Japanese growers and to position itself as a leading company in providing innovative approaches to control plant diseases.


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