Syngenta has registered insecticide Cruiser 600 FS (thiamethoxam) for seed treatment in Brazil. The product is formulated under suspension concentrate, and it is recommended for crops such as cotton, peanuts, rice, sugarcane, barley, kidney bean, sunflower, corn, graze, soybeans, sorghum and wheat.
Cruiser 600 FS controls cotton root borer (Eutinobothrus brasiliensis), cotton aphid (Aphis gossypii) and Frankliniella schultzei thrip that affect the cotton plant. For kidney bean, the product is recommended for whitefly (Bemisia tabaci race B) and cucurbit beetle (Diabrotica speciosa).
It can also control Procornitermes triacifer, whitefly (Bemisia tabaci race B), beanstalk weevil (Sternechus subsignatus), Aracanthus mourei and lesser cornstalk borer (Elasmopalpus lignosellus) in soybean. Besides the later plague, Cruiser controls Deois flavopicta, corn leafhopper (Dalbulus maidis), and Dichelops furcatus in corn crop.