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−− Interview with Marcelo Zanchi, Marketing Director Brazil at Arysta LifeScience

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Arysta do Brasil
Marcelo Zanchi, Marketing Director Brazil at Arysta LifeScience, conceded in an interview the importance of the concept of “plant health.” He talked about the idea of linking crop protection to “bio-solutions” and because it is necessary to care for the crop from planting until harvest. 
What is the goal of the Pronutiva® program?
Pronutiva® is an exclusive program of Arysta LifeScience for crop protection and bio-solution (Physioactivators, bio-control, and innovative nutrition) that maximizes productivity, quality, and profitability in several crops, potentiating the results of the grower’s business. The main goal of the Pronutiva program is to strengthen the concept of Plant Health, which is to care for all the crop cycle in an integrated way, from planting to harvest. Therefore, it is necessary to have a synergy between crop protection and the most modern technologies that stimulate and strengthen the plant.
What is the importance of gathering crop protection solutions with the line of bio-solutions?
In agriculture, we should always seek the maximization of plant health because it represents higher yields and quality. In order for that to happen, what the crop needs is a safe protection against infestation and/or diseases and a nutritional and physiological integrated management, maximizing the potential productive potential and responding to the different necessities of the plant during the whole cycle. The synergy between crop protection and bio-solutions can bring to plants: nutritional excellence, high sanitary standards of crops, better genetic expression, increase in harvest productivity, better quality of the product and increase in profitability.
Why is it vital to start caring for the plant from the planting stage?
In order to make the plant develop in a strong and healthy manner, it is indispensable that care begins in the establishment of the crop, protecting all the genetic potential of the same, which is aimed for maximum productivity. Therefore, the earlier the care is started, aiming to maintain the standard of plants and guaranteeing the initial strength, the better it will be for the plant to obtain success at the end of the harvest. We want to make clear to farmers that Arysta knows how to take good care of the plants in all stages of the crop cycle in an integrated way: from planting to harvest; from seed treatment until the consumer’s table. Arysta has proven products and experience. No other company has a portfolio with this amplitude and very positive results.

What products compose this program?
Arysta LifeScience has a biological and chemical portfolio that is well integrated to supply complete solutions to farmers. The wide range of products of the company include traditional products for crop protection, such as fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and acaricides, and the innovative products of bio-solutions, which are physioactivators, bioactive compounds that harmonize physiological activities, biocontrol and natural pathogens and plagues and innovative nutrition, nutritional substances that act positively on the plant’s strength. At the website, we have examples of management of the Pronutiva program of the main crops with the most diverse products of our portfolio.
How does Pronutiva help in resistance management?
The evolution of plagues and diseases resistance in the crop is something that has worried those involved in agriculture more and more. Thus, the Arysta staff has invested in research and solutions for this problem, becoming an expert and the program Pronutiva helps in this stage, with a combination of plant protection and bio-solutions, conducting a better phytosanitary management, reducing the pressure of plagues, diseases, and weeds, and greater food safety.
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