The launch of the selective herbicide Gesaprim 500 CG in the Brazilian market was announced on June 19 by Nufarm. 
Its formulation is based on the active ingredient atrazine; the product is recommended for the control of infested plants in pre and post-emergency situations, in the early stages, in crops, such as sugarcane, corn, and sorghum.
According to the manager of Herbicides and Adjuvants at Nufarm, agronomist Mario Drehmer, Gesaprim 500 CG has as characteristic that takes specific action over wide leave weeds, including hard-to-control species. Among the target species listed on the package are dayflowers, black-jack, jelly leaf, amendoim bravo (Pterogyne nitens), tall morning glory, green amaranth, little hogweed, joyweed, and the billy-goat weed.
Gesaprim 500 CG (exclusive brand of Nufarm) is a selective herbicide with systemic action, formulated on concentrated suspension. According to Drehmer, the launch is an important alternative for the sugarcane, corn, and sorghum grower because it has registration for several weeds that could potentially hurt the crops.