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Dow AgroSciences, DJI sign MoU to create new era of China’s smart farmingqrcode

Jun. 28, 2017

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Dow AgroSciences (China) Co.,Ltd

A MoU for the establishment of a strategic partnership was signed by José Soares de Pina, Head of Asia Region, Dow AgroSciences and Cao Nan, Agriculture Areas Sales and Marketing Director at DJI
(Image credit: Christina Xie, reporter of AgroPages)
Dow AgroSciences signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with DJI on Tuesday for the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership aiming at joint promotion of research and application of aviation crop protection technology, which will facilitate China’s agricultural mechanization and precision farming.

This is the first-time cooperation in China between a Fortune 500 agriculture company and world-leading drone manufacturer, having turned a new page in China’s smart farming development.
According to the MoU, Dow AgroSciences and DJI will cooperate in product innovation and technical research. Via a proper mode of cooperation, the quality product and solutions of Dow AgroSciences will be made available to more farmers using DJI’s UAV technologies. The cooperation will serve to promote precise, large-scale and industrialized prevention and control of diseases, insect pests and weeds, which will be contributive to the enhancement of agricultural production efficiency. 
 “We are pleased to work together with DJI to explore pesticide products and the type of formulation, which suits requirements of aviation crop protection using the advanced commercial and technical resources of Dow AgroSciences. This will be an input of higher productivity into aviation crop protection technology and will allow more industry practitioners and farmers to enjoy the convenience and efficiency brought to their work and life by smart farming. Dow AgroSciences is looking forward to participation in a farmer-centric ecosystem to better serve farmers and agricultural production. This time, the cooperation with DJI is an important step towards our strategy,” said Zhu Yue, General Manager of the Greater China Region, Dow AgroSciences.
Dow AgroSciences and DJI have agreed to focus on crop protection-oriented product experimentation, technical dissemination and joint marketing. Both sides are prepared to designate research personnel to conduct joint experiments to try aerial spraying of various crop protection products, as well as to develop products and formulations, which suit aerial applications. The two parties have planned to conduct initial application trials in the major agricultural provinces of Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangxi, where actual effect of aerial spraying of herbicide, insecticide and fungicide of Dow AgroSciences will be experimented and tracked back. According to the test results, the spray pattern, the type of formulation and dosage will be optimized. 
It has also been agreed upon between the two parties that experiments will start with paddy rice, to be extended then to other crops. Zhu Yue revealed that Dow AgroSciences has already initiated an experiment in cooperation with DJI on the spraying effect of its new herbicide Rinskor (active ingredients: Florpyrauxifen), which is planned for a market launch in 2018. Additionally, Dow AgroSciences and DJI are both committed to data sharing and optimization of resource distribution. Furthermore, the two parties will dispatch senior technical staff to deliver training to industry practitioners and users on a regular basis in a purpose to jointly establish a sound and sustainable aerial crop protection ecosystem.
“Dow AgroSciences is one of the world’s most remarkable agrochemical manufacturers. DJI is much honored to join hands with Dow AgroSciences to work together on the development of pesticide formulation for aerial application. In this cooperation, DJI’s accumulated technical achievement over a dozen years and strong research reserves are combined with Dow’s spirit of innovation, excellent brand image and outstanding product. Working together we will be able to convert our passion for agriculture into innovative solutions in the best economic interests of farmers,” said Cao Nan, Marketing Director of DJI.
With the progression of China’s agricultural supply-side reform, a leap-forward development is taking place in the aviation crop protection industry. The application of drones in the agriculture industry is expected to break through the problems of manual pesticide spraying, such as labor shortage, high cost, low efficiency and unsatisfactory control effect. Aerial spraying is distributed evenly and uniformly, very well atomized and is of automated precision quantity control, which will enable achievement of scientific pesticide application in a real sense.
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Source: AgroNews


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