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First registration of Thiabendazole seed treatment agent approved in Chinaqrcode

Jun. 26, 2017

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On May 31, the seed treatment agent Thiabendazole .Fludioxonil .Metalaxyl-M18% SC (Thiabendazole 13.7% + Fludioxonil2.45% + Metalaxyl-M 1.85%) of Syngenta got temporary registration from ICAMA (LS20170358). 
It is registered for the control of corn stalk rot, being the first Thiabendazole seed treatment agent registered in China.
Thiabendazole is a Benzimidazole fungicide similar to the bactericidal spectrum of Carbendazol, which inhibits the formation of Tubulin during mitosis of plant pathogenic fungi. 
Carbendazol is a high-risk pesticide, the use of which may be restricted strictly in China to the future, and may be even prohibited. Thiabendazole is safe to human, livestock, fish, honeybee and wild animals, being free of chronic toxicity problems, such as Teratogenesis, Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis. The product is very likely to become a substitute for Carbendazol and will have a broad market prospect.
At present, Thiabendazole is registered in China primarily for control of fruit and vegetable diseases in storage, such as citrus green mold, blue mold and banana crown rot. The product has the function of preservation and fresh care. It is also used for control of mushroom brown rot, apple tree ring spot and grape black pox. Furthermore, over the recent years Chinese companies have tried applications of Thiabendazole SC to wheat seed dressing for control of seedling diseases, such as banded sclerotial blight and root rot, where good results have been achieved so far. 
Up until the end of May 2017, China had approved 32 Thiabendazole products, which are currently still valid, including 14 TC products (six new registrations since 2012) and 18 formulations (seven new registrations since 2012). In general, registrations of Thiabendazole are becoming hot.

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