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Midwestern BioAg celebrates the grand opening of its new TerraNu fertilizer manufacturing plantqrcode

Jun. 21, 2017

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Jun. 21, 2017
Last Friday, Midwestern BioAg was joined by over 80 local farmers, media and staff to celebrate the grand opening of its new TerraNu fertilizer manufacturing plant. The event, hosted at Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, IN, featured remarks from Midwestern BioAg leadership and Mike McCloskey, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board at Fair Oaks Farms.

Guests received an exclusive look at the new 85,000-square-foot facility, a turnkey fertilizer manufacturing plant capable of producing 65,000 tons of fertilizer each year. The plant is located at Prairie’s Edge Dairy Farm, a founding member of Fair Oaks Farms. “We are proud to share our latest innovation with the local farming community,” said Midwestern BioAg Midwestern BioAg CEO Dr. Tony Michaels. “TerraNu fertilizers bring the benefits of manure and complete crop nutrition to growers everywhere, making it easy to supply organic matter, NPK, secondary nutrients and micronutrients in a single product. We’re excited about the value TerraNu brings to row-crop farmers, dairy producers and their communities.”
The new manufacturing facility uses TerraNu Nutrient Technology to transform manure into uniform, dry fertilizer granules that can be efficiently stored, transported and applied. The process builds on the environmental benefits of anaerobic digesters by eliminating the logistical challenges of manure application.
“Anaerobic digesters are an important tool in manure management, but digested manures remain heavy and difficult to transport,” said Dr. Michaels. “With specialization, crop farms benefiting most from livestock manures are often located miles from manure sources. This process bridges the gap, bringing the benefits of manure to farms that need them the most.”
TerraNu fertilizers deliver NPK, secondary nutrients and micronutrients in a granulated fertilizer, supplying many of the benefits of manure without the application challenges. Referred to as the “manure matrix,” the base material is made primarily of decomposed microbes from the digested manure. TerraNu products made through this process offer precision application: Each granule has the same guaranteed analysis, allowing for even in-field distribution.
“TerraNu fertilizers link nutrients to organic matter to enhance nutrient efficiency and crop uptake,” said Midwestern BioAg Vice President of Sales Jim Krebsbach. “The manure matrix is food for living soil microbes. It draws nutrients into the soil life food chain, helping make them more plant available.


Midwestern BioAg Chairman of the Board Douglas Rosenberg (left) and CEO Dr. Tony Michaels celebrate the Fair Oaks, IN, Terra Nu Fertilizer Plant opening with a champagne toast on June 16, 2017.

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