Helm received registration in Brazil for the insecticide Comboio 80 WG (fipronil), made by the Indian company Bhagiradha Chemicals and Industries.
In corn, Comboio 80 WG is expected to control the Diloboderusabderus and the Cucurbit beetle (Diabrotica speciosa). In sugarcane, the product is recommended for dealing with cane borer (Migdolusfryanus), Kollar (Cornitermescumulans), and the leaf-cutter ant (Atta capiguara).
According to the product packaging registered by Helm, the insecticide is can be used to control diverse termites in eucalyptus and the Cucurbit Beetle in potatoes. In all of these cases, Comboio 80 WG should always be sprayed directly through the groove of the soil.
About HELM

HELM AG is a Hamburg-based (Germany) family-owned company steeped in tradition and able to look back on a history spanning over 115 years. It is a multifunctional distribution company specializing in: Chemicals; Crop Protection; Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products; Fertilizers. Today HELM is one of the world's major independent chemicals marketing enterprises with more than 100 subsidiaries, sales offices and participations in over 30 countries. 

About Bhagiradha Chemicals

Bhagiradha Chemicals & Industries Limited (BCIL) is a professionally organized public limited company based at Hyderabad, India and dedicated to the manufacture of high quality pesticides. It has an annual capacity of 3200 tonnes for manufacture of various technical grade insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Liquid formulations as well as powder formulations are made using their technical grade pesticides conforming to international standards.