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Syngenta launched new package of insecticide Minecto Duo in Japanqrcode

May. 19, 2017

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Syngenta Japan
Syngenta Japan has started sales of 1kg packages of new insecticide Minecto® Duo on April 24. The company has previously launched 3kg package of the same product on February 22.
Minecto Duo is an insecticide for vegetables, developed by combining diamide insecticide cyantraniliprole and neonicotinoid insecticide thiamethoxam.
By combing the two different substances with different spectrum, both of which have an excellent systematic action, one product can control various primary pest insects that cause problems in the early stage of growth of fruit vegetables and leafy vegetables.
At the same time, the product can also be used when potting fruit vegetables, and after sowing leafy vegetables and covering with soil. The product also has long residual property- not only during the period of raising seedlings, but its effect lasts for three weeks after permanent planting of fruit vegetables, and three to four weeks for leafy vegetables.
Since the first launch of Minecto Duo in February, Syngenta Japan received requests from many small-scale producers that they would like to try using the product as a test. In response to such requests, the company decided to start sales of the 1kg package. One 1kg package is a perfect quantity for 25 cell trays for leafy vegetables, and 500 pots for fruit vegetables. The product can offer convenience to various scales of producers. 
Minecto Duo can control all primary pest insects such as lepidopteran, sucking and chewing insect pests.
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Source: AgroNews


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