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Sapec Agro launches fungicide Maestro 80 WG in Portugalqrcode

May. 9, 2017

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Sapec Agro has launched Maestro 80 WG (Fosetyl-aluminium), a systemic fungicide of wide spectrum and dispersible granules in water, in Portugal. 
The product acts directly by inhibiting the development of the fungi and formation of the spores and indirectly by stimulating the natural defense of the plants. According to the company, the product “assures a long lasting preventive protection and equally has a curative action of two to three days after the start of the infection.”
Maestro 80 WG presents activity against other fungi: Alternaria spp. and Fusarium spp. Besides its fungicide activity, it also manifests activity against bacterioses produced by Xanthomonas spp. and Pseudomonas spp.
Sapec Agro highlighted that the product “should not have mixed with foliar fertilizers (particularly when presenting its composition ammoniacal nitrogen) and products based on mineral oil and copper.”
Minor Uses
Regarding the widening of the spectrum for minor uses, Sapec Agro indicated the product for the combat of fungi on apple and pear tree, besides the fire blight (Erwinia amylovora). It is also recommended for the control of a water mold (Phytophthora sp.) in ornamental eucalyptus.
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Source: AgroNews


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