In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the enormous threats posed by the traditional pesticides to human health and the environment, and the demand for biopesticides all over the world has been increasing steadily. In 2015, the global market value of pesticides reached 56 billion US dollars of which the biopesticide market value was about 2 to 3 billion US dollars. It is expected that in the coming five years, the global demand for biopesticides will experience a rapid growth at an compound annual growth rate of 15%, and new biopesticides or biological control products will be launched ceaselessly.
From May 5 to July 1 of 2017, AgroPages will be launching the event of selecting the "Global Leading Biopesticide or Biological Control Brands", aimed at screening a batch of brands with high reputation, high performance and high technologies from the numerous brands of biopesticide or biological control products, which will be served as the reference for the product users and the inspiration for product development by producers.
You are warmly welcomed to recommend or register for the event. The winners and the products will be promoted globally.
* Recommended in our magazine--2017 Biopesticide Supplement, which will be distributed in large conferences and exhibitions all around the world.
* Recommended in AgroPages’s AgroNews, introduced to our global readers.
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Selection process:
May 5 - June 10: issuing the notice to solicit producers and products; signing up by the enterprises that are interested or recommended by dealers;
June 11 - June 15: screening to determine the shortlist;
June 16 - June23: online voting;
June 24 - June30: scoring by the judging panel which is composed of 5-7 persons including the experts from the biopesticide or biological control industry, marketer(s), media worker(s), etc.
Global Leading Biopesticide Brands (5)
Global Leading Biological Control Brands (5)
Methodology: online voting accounting for 40% + judging panel's voting accounting for 60%
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