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Bayer launches two rice seed treatment products in Japanqrcode

May. 3, 2017

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Bayer CropScience Japan

Bayer launches two rice seed treatment products in Japan

Bayer CropScience has begun the sales of two seed treatment products Routine® FS (18% isotianil) and Kirappu Seed® FS (29.2% ethiprole) on March 1, 2017, which the company developed in collaboration with the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (ZEN-NOH).
Routine FS, contains isotianil as the active ingredient, is a seed treatment rice blasticide for box seedling rice and water-seeded rice. Isotianil is also effective for controlling the existing chemical-resistant rice blast fungus because it is a disease resistance induction-type fungicide. It also has excellent permeability and long residual effectiveness.
Meanwhile, Kirappu Seed is a seed treatment insecticide product for water-seeded rice, containing the active ingredient ethiprole, which controls rice brown weevil. By providing protection from rice brown weevil, which damages buds immediately after sprouting, the product ensures the seeding of the crop and helps its healthy growth. Because it has excellent permeability when sprayed both on the surface of the ground and underground, it is effective in controlling the larvae of rice brown weevil that damage the root of the plants.
Both Routine FS and Kirappu Seed are labor-saving when compared with the labor needed to apply pesticide on the paddy rice because the products are directly applied to the rice seed before sowing. They can also be applied easily in a short time. The iron-coated seeds treated with these products can be stored up to six months, enabling farmers to save time during busy spring season because the seeds can be treated in the off-season. Furthermore, as the rice seeds are chemically-treated, it shows stable effects.
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