"Creating a Clean Earth" HPM India made their voice on this World Earth Day.

This Earth Day, HPM India bring themselves close to the mother earth and try bridge the gap between farmers and the land. They have planned to plant thousands of trees across India in their CSR program.It will help in pollution control & also contribute to welfare of society. They also have implemented M.E.E. (Multi Effect Evaporator) Plant in their manufacturing units.
"The fundamentals on which we work are based on manufacturing products that are focused on enhancing soil quality and on eradication of pests that affect crops. Our expert team of researchers creates soil friendly
products. Our Plant Growth Regulators are a boon to crop production as these products complement crop rotation scheme of farming where in the previous added products to the soil act as the pre-added nutrients for
the next crop production & thus the process keeps on repeating itself. This aids soil quality each farming season. Its examples are Super Sonata, 24 Karat, Higrow & others. They are not highly priced & hence accepted by all our farming community."

When asked how to keep the nutrient value of soil intact via HPM products, Executive Director Tapasya Goel said.

HPM India is also planning to start the plantation in every state and its voice will be “Green HPM – Green India”.HPM is having great crop solutions for farmers such as using vaccination of crop. So that farmer can use it and feed the food requirements of the nation.

On the occasion of Earth Day, HPM India are committing themselves & their efforts collectively to make this planet green again and make the environment clean again.

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