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Bayer launches fungicide Agrocopper in Chileqrcode

Favorites Print Apr. 19, 2017
Bayer has presented its fungicide Agrocopper (copper sulfate pentahydrate) in Chile.
The product acts in a preventive way through contact action avoiding germination, reproduction and the development of pathogens agents and infirmities that affect crops. Made by the Mining Company San Gerónimo, the product was incorporated by Bayer among its fungicides in consideration of the quality of the formulation and the excellent results observed in tests essays.
With a new solution based on copper to combat and control fungi and bacteria, Agrocopper is available for the growers of pits, pomegranates, walnuts, vines, citrus, berries, and potatoes, among others. This product contains 98 percent of copper sulfate pentahydrate, which is different when compared with other copper products that only reach 24 to 25 percent.
One of the main characteristics of Agrocopper is its solubility, a non-particulate that allows, once used, to achieve total coverage for wood, foliage and fruits. Besides, it achieves an immediate availability of ion Cu+2, responsible for the control of bacteria and fungi, and is friendly with the environment because of the high purity of the raw material, is free of furans, dioxins and PCBs, and has a low content of heavy metals.
Diagnofruit, a laboratory dedicated to the analysis of fruit quality and research and development, have been working analyzing several cupric products for agricultural use. Its general manager, Hector García, highlighted the low environmental impact due to “its great virtue that has less total copper, releases greater quantity of ion Cu+2 in a more immediate way than other cupric fungicides.”
He added that “Agrocopper is recommended, thinking to lower the inoculants in grapes for exports, mostly in varieties that stay for more time over the plant.”
Miguel López, biochemist at Diagnofruit, researched the solubility of coppers and highlighted that “since the first contact with water, Agrocopper releases ion Cu+2, while with other coppers is slower and in lower proportions.”
A higher release of ion Cu+2 is fundamental for the effective control of fungi and bacteria. The investigator added that the “quantity of total metal copper on the tag does not indicate the control of bacteria and fungi, but the capacity of Cu+2 is more important than what was released in the solution.”
Currently, Bayer is constantly widening of the use of this innovative product and is investigating nationwide tests for the control of diseases in different crops. “At Bayer, we seek permanently to increase our options of phytosanitary solutions for the farmers of our country. Agrocopper allows us to deliver an innovative solution for the farmers throughout the year,” indicated Rubén Santamaría, agronomist at Bayer.
The pesticide is authorized for use in organic agriculture because of its high purity characteristics and technological innovation in its production.
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Source: AgroNews


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