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UPL Adds New Herbicide Products for the US Marketqrcode

Apr. 17, 2017

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UPI has added two new herbicides to its portfolio of high quality crop protection products for the U.S.

Moccasin is the first post-patent herbicide containing the active ingredient S-metolachlor (the same active found in Dual Magnum). Labeled for use on a wide spectrum of crops including soybeans, cotton, peanuts, and corn, and with multiple application timings, Moccasin is one of the most versatile soil-applied herbicides available.

Shutdown is a soil-applied, long-residual herbicide designed to be used alone or as an economical tank mix partner with a variety of pre-emergent herbicides in soybeans, sunflowers, tobacco and several vegetable crops. Shutdown contains sulfentrazone, one of the most commonly used active ingredients in U.S. agriculture, and has a higher active ingredient loading than similar products in the marketplace.

“We are very excited to add Moccasin and Shutdown to our growing portfolio of products”, said Chris Bowley, product manager. “UPI’s mission is to bring high quality and economical options to market that help American growers combat the challenges posed by herbicide resistance. These two products help reinforce our commitment to this mission.”

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