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DuPont’s Benevia registration expanded to cover more pests in Brazilqrcode

Favorites Print Mar. 23, 2017
DuPont Crop Protection
DuPont Brasil Crop Protection has announced that is has obtained an extension from Brazilian regulators for the plague spectrum of the Benevia insecticide for crops, such as soybeans, cotton, potatoes and tomatoes. The product was developed based on the molecule cyantraniliprole (launched in Brazil over two years ago) and has been used with success on different crops and controlling plagues with extreme economic importance, such as the whiteflies and the coffee borer.
According to the company, for controlling a wide spectrum of insects, Benevia was used as a strategic tool for the management of plagues on properties. For soybeans, for instance, besides using it for the whiteflies, the grower can also use Benevia to control earworms (Helicoverpa armigera), the velvetbean caterpillar (Anticarsia gemmatalis) and the soybean looper (Chrysodeixis includens). 
On cotton, the registration of Benevia also controls the southern armyworm (Spodoptera eridania) and the cotton aphid (Aphis gossypii).
For the applications on potatoes, Benevia has been registered for the control of plagues, such as the green peach aphid (Myzus persicae) and the tobacco splitworm (Phthorimaea operculella). For tomatoes, the South American tomato moth (Tuta absoluta) has been included.
Since the introduction of Benevia in the Brazilian market, experts and researchers that have tested the product in different crops and field conditions described it as a groundbreaking technology, with a unique mode of action, in comparison with traditional insecticides.
DuPont has informed that the commercialization of Benevia, especially for the control of new target plagues authorized by government agencies, will begin after the state registrations.
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Source: AgroNews


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