BASF expands production capacity for herbicide dicamba in Beaumont, Texas, US BASF recently opened its expanded production facility for dicamba in Beaumont, Texas,US. Dicamba is the active ingredient in BASF’s newest herbicide product Engenia™, which was granted approval by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in December 2016. The expansion supports the company’s strategy to increase the production volumes of dicamba, ensuring growers have access to the latest technologies for better weed management programs. For the expansion, BASF invested more than $270 million, making it BASF’s largest investment ever in facilities for agricultural products.

“We are proud of our world-scale production facilities in Beaumont and of our continous effort to develop and improve important products,” said Markus Heldt, President of BASF’s Crop Protection divison. “The expansion is a reflection of our commitment to North America and to driving strategic investments to match our customers’ expectations.” BASF has more than 50 years of technical expertise with dicamba and continues to advance the molecule’s performance, effectiveness and on-target application. “With this expansion, we could increase our dicamba output by more than 50%,” added Heldt. Currently, BASF supplies more than half of the global dicamba supply.

Engenia features a completely new formulated dicamba molecule, known as BAPMA salt, which is designed specifically for dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton. “With the successful launch of Engenia, we are responding to our customers’ needs for simple and reliable herbicide solutions. We are growing our herbicide family with the most technologically advanced formulations to offer farmers flexible and effective weed control. Growers can expect further dicamba offers coming from us, including new mixtures and modes of action,” said Paul Rea, Senior Vice President, Crop Protection, BASF North America.

More than $370 million have been invested in the last five years to expand the overall manufacturing capability in Beaumont. “In addition to the Beaumont site investments, BASF has also invested more than $290 million in eight other agricultural products facilities along with facilities that support our agricultural business across North America. Overall, these investments highlight BASF’s commitment to economic development in the communities and regions we serve,” concluded Rea.

The launch of Engenia in the United States kicks off the global introduction of the product. In the near future, markets in Latin America will also be offering the new herbicide solution.

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Have a China Field Visit, to Explore the Opportunity of Chinese Agchem Market !

In 2015, the Chinese government put forward the Pesticide & Fertilizer-use Zero Growth program, for which a series of supportive policies were released. The program set a new requirement for the supply of environment-friendly products and the provision of advanced agricultural technology for application towards crop protection and crop nutrition services. It will also have a profound effect on the Chinese agrochemical market structure in the future.

At the request of some of our readers, AgroPages is planning to organize a China field visit for enterprises interested in the Chinese agrochemical market. Enterprises, including but not limited to green crop protection product vendors, agrotechnical service providers and precision agriculture-oriented enterprises can participate in the field visit. 
We will arrange meetings with Chinese agrotechnical promotion agencies and prime distributors, as well as organize interviews with farmers and major growers, so that enterprises can understand the needs of the market and explore the available business opportunities. China is vast, with diversified structure of cultivation. To better fulfill your expectations from the Chinese market, you are kindly requested to take part in the following survey to enable us to schedule this business trip to your satisfaction.
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    • Partner Selection
    • Policy and Regulation
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