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Favorites Print Dec. 9, 2016

Researchers from the Argentinean National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), within the framework of the National Natural Resources Program and the Agroecology Network, are promoting the design of technologies that optimize composting and creating a sensor that continuously measures the temperature and humidity of decaying waste. The device, synchronized with a network of telemetric stations, generates information that is available for online consultations and through alerts on cell phones.

With a battery that utilizes solar energy, the sensor ensures the continuous monitoring of the compost piles to optimize the management of the biological process. "While it is not yet available to the market, we are moving forward with a technology linkage agreement with a local company to market the system at a low cost," said a technician from INTA, Hilario Ascasubi, in Buenos Aires Province.

The collected information is added to chronological records and communicates via GSM/GPRS with a server that interprets the monitoring data and generates a graphic on the web, which each user can access with a password.

"This technology is aimed at producers who carry out waste treatment and, above all, automate processes in composting plants, where large volumes of waste are transformed," stated the specialist. Thus, the adoption of these sensors "is a viable solution for the periodic need to program irrigation and aeration by flipping the piles of material," added the INTA researcher.

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Source: AgroNews


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