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Nov. 8, 2016

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Nov. 8, 2016
Exosect Ltd. has announced that it has made a ground-breaking step forward in its formulation expertise with the successful delivery of bacteria using its proprietary lean formulation delivery platform, Entostat®.  In the latest development of Exosect’s formulation pipeline, researchers demonstrated the uniform delivery of bacteria to animal feed pellets using Bacillus subtilis as the candidate microbial.  Bacillus subtilis is a beneficial bacteria widely used within agriculture as an animal feed probiotic, plant biostimulant and biopesticide.
Results showed that when Bacillus spores formulated with Entostat were applied to animal feed pellets, the variation between treated pellets was reduced by over fifty percent compared to an application of spores only. This is highly significant as it means that animals should receive a more uniform dose of probiotic.
The formulation and efficient delivery of bacteria onto pelleted material has provided the opportunity for further patent filing. This builds on an already extensive body of Intellectual Property demonstrating the versatility and scope of the Entostat platform, and further extends the existing range of microbial formulations that are possible using Entostat.
This latest breakthrough in microbial delivery opens up opportunities for the Entostat platform into the animal feed market, where the application of Direct Fed Microbials (DFM’s) or probiotics, such as Bacillus subtilis, are gaining ground as a replacement technology for antibiotics. 
In this sector, the selection criteria for DFM’s is governed not only by the efficacy of the microbial but also by its ability to withstand the pellet manufacturing process.  Additionally, a current challenge for the external application of microbials to animal feed pellets and straights, is the tendency for the microbial to detach from the substrate and collect at the bottom of the container.  In both cases, the Entostat platform opens up the potential of using a wider selection of microbials and delivering them in a uniform manner.
Entostat is a micro-powder, based on natural and/or synthetic waxes. It readily gains and holds an electrostatic charge, it therefore adheres to a range of surfaces such as seeds, grains and pellets, insects, foliage and building fabrics. This unique property enables targeted application, the result of which, is the delivery of reduced inputs, prolonged activity of synthetic chemistry and improved delivery of biological active ingredients.
Exosect out-licenses its intellectual property to enable others to develop a differentiated product portfolio.
Exosect CEO, Andrew MacNaughton comments, “We are delighted with our latest success in the formulation and delivery of another microbial species. This adds to our existing and growing range of lean formulation capabilities and has commercial implications for a range of industrial applications including agriculture, public and animal health. Patents surrounding this discovery have been filed and further related applications will be announced in due course”.

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