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May. 4, 2016

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May. 4, 2016
The Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals (ICAMA) of the Ministry of Agriculture of China announced the list of the second batch of products approved for registration in 2016. The pentoxazone technical and formulation from Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is on the list. The pentoxazone technical is 97% technical, with low toxicity; the formulation is 8% suspending agent, also with low toxicity.
Before this, only Jiangsu Zhongdan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. among Chinese enterprises obtained temporary registration of pentoxazone products (96.5% pentoxazone technical), but it was only allowed for imports and was forbidden to be sold within the country. The registration expired on August 30, 2014.
Pentoxazone, also known as KPP-314 (Kaken) (code name), 110956-75-7 (CAS number), 3-(4-chloro-5-cyclopentyloxy-2-fluorophenyl)-5-isopropylidene-1,3-oxazolidine-2,4-dione (chemical name), is an oxazolidinedione herbicide developed by Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Pentoxazone was first discovered by Sagami Chemcial Research Institute in 1986. Later it was developed by Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. In 1997 it was registered for the first time in Japan. The sales volume of pentoxazone in 2012 was US$50 million and its compound annual growth between 2007 and 2012 was 17.8%; in 2012 its sales volume was US$40 million and the compound annual growth between 2009 and 2014 was -4.3%.
Pentoxazone is a protoporphyrinogen oxidase inhibitor. In the biosynthesis process of plant chlorophyll, the enzyme catalyzes the transformation from protogen IX to protoporphyrin IX. Pentoxazone is very safe to transplanting rice. It can controlEchinochloa spp. and Monochoria vaginalis and so on before and after germination. It is used before, during or after transplanting and the dosage is 150~450 g/hm2.
The trade name of single-dose pentoxazone is Wechser; that of its compounded formulation with bromobutide is Shokinie; and that of its ternary compound with bensulfuron-methyl, bromobutide and pyriminobac-methyl is Topgun.
Source: CCPIA

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