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U.S. EPA OKs Bayer's INDEMNIFY nematicideqrcode

Jun. 21, 2016

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Bayer’s Environmental Science business unit recently announced EPA registration of INDEMNIFY™  –  a new, game-changing innovation that delivers preventative and curative nematode control without costly course closures or undesirable application methods. INDEMNIFY can be used on both warm and cool season turf, on all areas of the golf course as well as non-golf turf areas such as sports fields and residential turf.

INDEMNIFY is a true nematicide proven to control nematodes in turf without causing course disruption or damage to turf that other products can cause. Its active ingredient, fluopyram, offers outstanding curative and preventative nematode control. INDEMNIFY is unique due to a highly concentrated formulation that is easily measured and handled, specially formulated with proprietary soil surfactants that are designed to penetrate the soil profile, and a readily identifiable blue hue that sprays on clear. Turf managers will soon have access to a simple but effective nematode management solution providing
season-long playability, free from the stressful damage caused by key nematodes.

Effective on Sting, Root Knot, Spiral, Anguina pacificae, and many other species of nematodes, INDEMNIFY is designed for flexibile application anytime nematodes are active and allows turf managers the opportunity to achieve premier nematode management.

“Nematodes can be devastating to root formation and overall plant health in greens,” said Laurence Mudge, Green Solutions Team Manager for the Bayer professional turf and ornamentals business. “We developed INDEMNIFY because turf managers have been demanding a better way to control nematodes than what is currently available. INDEMNIFY delivers amazing results in a simple, easy-to-apply solution that’s convenient for turf managers.”

“Nematodes are notoriously difficult to control, but INDEMNIFY can simplify that process,” Mudge said. “We’re excited to bring this important innovation to turf managers. Through the Bayer mission of ‘Science For a Better Life,’ we continue to develop unique innovations that harness science to help ensure the continued success of our customers.”

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