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Simbiose launches microbiological insecticide for whitefly in Brazilqrcode

May. 24, 2016

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Simbiose Agrotecnologia Biológica

Simbiose Agrotecnologia Biológica announced recently the launch of an insecticide and microbiological acaricide BeauveControl to combat the whitefly (Bemisia tabaci). Result of researches were developed in partnership with national institutions and the product is based on the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana.

According to the manufacturer, it is the most concentrated product in the market, being highlighted among the other microbiological insecticides based on B. bassiana. The research manager of Simbiose, Dr. Artur Soares, tells that the farmers still control the whitefly with synthetic insecticides, requiring several applications during the year.

The practice causes a high pressure of selection, which brings resistance of the whitefly to synthetic product. “BeauveControl is biological and highly efficient, becoming a viable alternative of control of this insect, bringing benefits for agriculture and the environment,” explains Dr. Artur Soares.

With nearly 1 millimeter, the whitefly has an elevated capacity of dispersion and reproduction of crops, besides reducing significantly the photosynthesis of the plants. A survey of Embrapa of the year 2013 points out that the plague has caused at least R$ 1 billion on losses only in the state of Goiás. The plague is present in nearly all Brazilian states.

The insect hurts the crops in several ways: “Directly, through the feeding of the plant tissues, slowing the development and production loss. Indirectly, it operates in transmission of the geminivirus and secretion of sugary substances, taking the development of a fungus known as sooty mold, resulting in a reduction of photosynthesis and, therefore, the production,” concluded the Simbiose research manager.

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Source: AgroNews


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