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Argentina: nanotechnology increases effectiveness and reduces volatility of 2,4-Dqrcode

May. 19, 2016

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Considered one of the most effective herbicides to control weeds, the 2,4-D (dichlorophenoxyacetic acid) always require cautious at the application due to the volatility trend and the dispersion deriving from ester formulation. Now, a research firm Red Sucros (Santa Fe, Argentina) has incorporated a nanotechnology to alter the herbicide behavior.

According to the Argentine researchers, the herbicides with nanotechnology allow to reduce in up to 50% the use of the active ingredient per hectare – with the same results of control. This occurs due to the high “bioefficacy and bioavailability”.

The research pointed out that the nanotechnology also added more benefits such as low odor, lower volatility, high compatibility at the tank mixtures, actions even in hard water and dismissal of any adjuvants. The result, according to Red Sucros, was proven on applications done in over five million hectares.

The low volatility 2,4-D nanotechnology is due to the lower vapor pressure. Recent studies of the National University of La Plata points out that the technology “Dedalo Elite” (trademark) is 400 times less volatile than the herbicide at the ester formulation and five times less volatile in the amine formulation. Therefore, it is possible to apply in safe areas next to an urban perimeters and less risks for the susceptible crops located at the surroundings.

According to the manufacturer, this new formulation method replaces solvent derived from oil through vegetable oils. This contributes to the development of products less aggressive to workers, more friendly to the environment and within the requirements of sustainable practices. Red Sucros develops yet nanotechnology to glyphosate , dicamba, Haloxyfop, Imazethapyr and clethodim.

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Source: AgroNews


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