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CAMMR Issue 201508:Chinese enterprises to increase glufosinate capacityqrcode

Sep. 11, 2015

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Sep. 11, 2015
According to the latest China Agrochemical Market Monthly Report (CAMMR Issue 201508) published by AgroPages, although it will take at least 2 years until registration approval for product of different ratio of glyphosate and glufosinate, the relevant enterprises have been very positive toward glufosinate production. 

Chinese enterprises to increase glufosinate capacity

In May, Chinese enterprises filed for the first time the registration application for product of different ratio of glyphosate and glufosinate. Although it will take at least 2 years until registration of such product, the relevant enterprises have been very positive toward glufosinate production. Since May up to date, a number of enterprises have taken respective actions on the product, which include the trial production of 600 tons capacity out of the 3000-ton glufosinate project of Jiaruimi of Inner Mongolia and the trial production of the 1000-ton glufosinate project of Lier Chemical in July. Several others are raising funds for new glufosinate project. Huifeng Agrochemical has risen more than Yuan 600 million for spending on an annual 5000-ton glufosinate project while making an investment in the glufosinate manufacturer Ruikai Chemical. Veyong Biochemical announced this month an investment of Yuan 260 million on an annual 1000-ton glufosinate project.

High-toxic pesticide put under stricter control

Recently Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has put stricter control over the high-toxic pesticide, having revoked the registration of methidathion for citrus use, the registration of methyl bromide and chloropicrin for all other uses except for use in soil fumigation. Meanwhile paraquat is reviewed and assessed as highly toxic; the currently registered paraquat pesticide will be revoked in due course. For the long run the measures which are now taken will promote Chinese pesticide industry to move toward low-toxic and high-efficient applications, which however may further depress the industry for the short run.

Non-GM herbicide-resistant technology to be introduced to China

Recently Rotam and Cibus announced a joint development of non-GM SU pesticide-resistant rapeseed in China. The rapeseed to be developed is endorsed by US Department of Agriculture as the Rapid Trait Development System (RTDS™) of non-GM technology. It is said that Rotam has acquired Tianjin Longde, which is a sign of Rotam’s preparation for new deployment. At present China’s entrance door for GM crops is not opened yet, the introduction of the technology will help farmers to effectively manage the issue of glyphosate resistant weed, reduce the production cost of rapeseed and increase the yield.

First seed e-business platform launched

Since 2014 China’s agricultural material e-commerce activities have been very hot, where a number of agriculture-oriented e-business platforms have been launched covering farm product, agricultural material and pesticide. On the 20th August, the first seed e-commerce was successfully launched, which is another extended agricultural business activity put on line. The platform is a third-party information and e-business platform established jointly by Chinese prime seed enterprises and Chinese Modern Seed Development Foundation, aiming to solve the information asymmetry problem between farmer’s demand and manufacturer’s supply to help elevate China’s seed industry level.

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