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Brazil's BioSoja launches high tech inoculant for soybeans‏qrcode

Jul. 22, 2015

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BioSoja Group, a fertilizer producer with 45 years in Brazil, has launched in the Brazilian market its new product Biomax 10, an inoculant with a technology to maximize nitrogen fixation on soybeans. The new product has in its formulation a new stabilizing solution aiming to guarantee a high concentration of nitrogen fixing bacteria.
According to the company, the inoculant is the most concentrated in the market with 1x1010 forming unities of colonies per mL. In other words, Biomax 10 contains 10 billion cells per milliliter. 
Nitrogen is the nutrient required in larger quantities by soybeans. The quantity demanded by the soybean is superior to all other added nutrients. Biological nitrogen fixation is a process that results from the association of bacteria inoculant to the soybean plants. High efficiency of the biological fixation can fully meet the need of nitrogen during the cultivation of soybean. In addition to economic gains, the biological process gives environmental sustainability of production. With the use of Biomax 10, the biological nitrogen fixation is optimized with high application bacteria in seeds, ensuring a complete and efficient process of nodulation.
"I believe that when we reach higher levels of concentration of bacteria (Bradyrhizobium), we can bring big benefits to the biological fixation of nitrogen, mostly on crop like soybeans. The commitment to high quality standards and evolution continues in our procedures and products is what make us different compared to our competitors," says Rogério Cavalari de Souza,Production and Research Manager of the Biological Products Unit at the group.
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Source: AgroNews


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