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FMC launches biological inoculant Nemix C in Brazil‏qrcode

Feb. 25, 2015

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As a response for the water crisis that affects mostly sugarcane fields in Southeast of Brazil, FMC announced the introduction of a biological inoculant, Nemix C (Bacillus species). It is a highly concentrated product, which promotes health and root growth through forming biofilm that works as a physical and chemical barrier for the plant.
Innovation and Technology manager of FMC, Giuliano Pauli, explained advantages of the new technology: "With Nemix C, Bacillus protect and foster root development, and optimize water absorption and nutrients. A living protection for the cane which complements our portfolio and it is part of a sugarcane field management". Pauli added that this is a flexible product, with high efficacy and a favorable toxicological profile.
Responsible for Market Development at FMC, Leonardo Brusantin introduced tests made on farms with the product. "The solution enables a roots growth of up to 30% in cuttings treated with technology, beyond the faster emission of sprouts. Tests carried out in different regions prove that Nemix C introduces a consistent increase of productivity on sugarcane with a jump of 14.5% on average bringing it to 11.8 tons per hectare of cane. We want to enable a complete management with efficient solutions that increase profitability and productivity in the field," commented Brusantin.
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Source: AgroNews


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