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Sumitomo Chemical develops new insecticide for mosquitoes and fliesqrcode

Favorites Print Dec. 23, 2014
Sumitomo Chemical has developed a new insecticide for space spray to control mosquitoes and flies indoors and outdoors. The Company has launched the new product under the name of SumiProTM in Singapore where the registration is already obtained and plans to expand the supply mainly in Southeast Asia to help control dengue and other diseases.
The main active ingredient of SumiProTM is the pyrethroid insecticide GOKILAHT®S (cyphenothrin). SumiProTM, because of a synergist being contained therein, is also highly effective against mosquitoes that have become resistant to insecticides. Moreover, it is the first product of its kind among public hygiene insecticides to contain the active ingredient SumiOneTM. SumiProTM is capable of acting fast against mosquitoes and flies with a combination of the highly insecticidal effect of GOKILAHT®S and the superior knockdown effect of SumiOne ® (metofluthrin ).
SumiProTM is a water-based insecticide for which demand is growing as it is more cost effective and environmentally friendly than oil diluted products. For most water diluted space sprays, their effect decreases after application due to the rapid evaporation of spray droplets. Sumitomo Chemical has overcome this problem by using its proprietary formulation technology that minimizes the evaporation of spray droplets. As a result, SumiProTM stays highly effective when used even in hot and dry localities.
As far as the infectious disease control business is concerned, Sumitomo Chemical has been selling long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets, Olyset® Net and Olyset® Plus, and the larval control agent, SumiLarv®. By offering a comprehensive range of products, including the newly developed SumiProTM and new products under development, Sumitomo Chemical will continue to engage in providing more effective methods of preventing infectious diseases.

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