The permission deadline for the use of methyl bromide-based product on fiber and cotton seed used for exports was extended for a year. The decision was published in the Union's Official Gazette through the Act. No. 62.
The action was taken during the 11th Annual meeting of the Technical Committee of Agrochemicals Advisory, which is responsible for rationalizing the registration procedures of chemicals and its components. The meeting also had the presence of Carlos Goulart, Enforcement and Vegetables Transit Coordinator, and representatives of Brazil's National Health Surveillance Agency and the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources.
The decision has taken into consideration the briefing by the Department of Plant Protection regarding the concerns for maintaining the authorization on December 4. The products are important to meet the requirements of phytosanitary treatments for fiber and cotton lumps.
According to Júlio Britto, general coordinator of pesticides, said the expectation is that the use of phytosanitary treatments with methyl bromide continue to be allowed until there is a new recommendation or quarantine measure for the use in primary zones when required by importing countries.
"The proposition of the new measure will be assessed in the next year and would be completed by the end of 2015 to replace the Normative Instruction that regulates the applications of methyl bromide," he said.