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Oct. 29, 2014

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Oct. 29, 2014
Dow AgroSciences has received U.S. EPA and California Department of Pesticide Regulation approval for Simplicity CA herbicide use in wheat and triticale.
Simplicity CA provides post-emergence broadleaf and grass control. It is registered for use in California and Arizona.
“This is a truly cross-spectrum herbicide for wheat growers,” says Byron Sleugh, Dow field scientist. “Both grasses and broadleaves are controlled with a single product.”
In total, Simplicity CA controls or provides suppression for 46 weeds.
Weeds controlled include wild oats, fiddleneck, black mustard, wild radish, shepherd’s-purse, and chickweed.
The active ingredient in Simplicity CA is pyroxsulam, an ALS inhibitor, and is classified by the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee as a Group 2 herbicide.
“Pyroxsulam has been used for several years in other wheat-growing states, in Canada, and on other continents,” says Sleugh. 
“Performance has been excellent throughout California and Arizona,” Sleugh says. “University and independent field trials have been conducted since 2009. Performance remained consistent regardless of geography, soil type, or weed pressure.”
Crop safety is very high with Simplicity CA. No adverse effects on wheat have been demonstrated with trial use in California or with use of the active ingredient in other states.
Applications of Simplicity CA can be made to a wide window of wheat stages.
“Applications can be made beginning at the 3-leaf stage of wheat up to the jointing stage,” says Sleugh. “This gives growers flexibility in application timing.”
Rotational intervals and buffer zones are both favorable despite the diversity of crops in California and Arizona.
Many commonly-grown rotational crops – including cotton and field corn – have a rotational interval of three months or less after the application of Simplicity CA.
Nearly all crops have a buffer zone of only 20 feet when applications of Simplicity CA are made by ground.
No buffer zone is required with dormant tree and vine crops.


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