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US approves Actagro's Elicitore PGRqrcode

Jun. 18, 2014

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Actagro recently announced that the US EPA has approved the federal registration for Elicitore PGR. Elicitore is a plant-based biochemical plant growth regulator intended to control vegetative growth, crop set and maturity to enhance yield in crops such as cotton, soybeans, corn and potatoes. Elicitore uses a unique mode of action using the biopesticide active ingredient Humates (as derived from Leonardite), which has been developed by Actagro’s in-house discovery R&D team using a proprietary process.

The use of Elicitore enhances root growth, improves the uptake of fertilizers, drives carbohydrate synthesis towards reproductive growth verses vegetative growth, increases the plant’s ability to resist disease, and improves crop set and uniform maturation to aid in harvest.

“The introduction of Elicitore PGR creates a new, softer chemistry PGR tool for growers to gain the benefits of traditional PGR’s without forcing senescence so the plant continues to produce to its potential” said Tom Gerecke, Director of Agronomy & Field Development, Actagro, LLC. “We are very pleased to bring this new mode of action to the market”.

Additional features and benefits of Elicitore include:

1. Ease of use
     • Elicitore is labeled with a Caution Label (not a Danger or Poison label).  Water based, no solvents
     • Elicitore is compatible with other pesticides and nutritional products in tank mixes
     • Elicitore offers application flexibility, either foliar or soil, and is mobile in the plant so spray coverage is more forgiving

2. Elicitore is neutral in pH making it safer and more favorable than the highly acidic or slightly basic pH of other PGR’s
3. Elicitore has very low toxicity, exempt from food tolerance (MRL) with the minimum Re-Entry Interval (REI) and Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI).


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