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More new biocides on EU Annex Iqrcode

Dec. 4, 2007

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Dec. 4, 2007
The European Commission has re-registered two more biocides and cleared their listing in Annex I of the EU biocidal products Directive (98/8), which covers non-crop pesticides. The rodenticide, difethialone, will be added to Annex I on November 1st 2009 for a period of five years, subject to certain risk mitigation measures. Carbon dioxide, for use as a rodenticide together with trapping devices, becomes the first active ingredient to be listed in Annex IA, which covers low-risk biocidal products. It will be added to the Annex on November 1st 2009 for the standard ten-year period.
The shorter listing period for difethialone reflects the fact that risks have been identified for the environment and non-target animals, and that it is potentially persistent and liable to bio-accumulate, the Commission says. Nevertheless, the ai is considered essential for public health and hygiene, it points out.
When re-registering products containing difethialone, EU member states must apply the following risk mitigation measures: the nominal ai concentration must not exceed 0.0025% w/w and only ready-for-use baits will be approved; products must contain an aversive agent and, where appropriate, a dye; and products must not be used as tracking powder. Other measures may be applied where appropriate, such as restriction to professional use, setting upper limits on package size, and use of tamper-resistant or secured bait boxes. The ai will be subject to a comparative risk assessment before its Annex I listing is renewed.
Both ais were in the first round of the review of existing biocides, with Norway as rapporteur member state for difethialone and France as rapporteur for carbon dioxide. Difethialone becomes the third biocide on Annex I, following the wood preservatives, sulfuryl fluoride and dichlofluanid.
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