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New York approves Fine Americas's Blush® PGRqrcode

Jun. 11, 2014

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Fine Americas, Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of plant growth regulators for the fruit industry, recently announced its new Blush plant growth regulator is now registered for use in New York State,US. Featuring the active ingredient prohydrojasmon (PDJ), Blush promotes red coloration change in bi-color apple varieties.

“We’re very excited about New York State’s registration of Blush,” noted Greg Johnson, president of Fine Americas. “Based on the data we’ve received from cooperators in New York and other key apple-producing states, Blush did an excellent job of enhancing fruit color in research trials compared to the standard treatment and untreated fruit.” Johnson added that Blush can be used on wide range of varieties, including Honeycrisp, Gala, Pink Lady, Fuji, Macintosh and other bi-color apples to improve fruit coloration and marketability of these popular varieties.

Prohydrojasmon is a synthetically produced jasmonate, one of a new group of plant hormones with several beneficial physiological properties. In addition to fruit de-greening, PDJ aids in fruit color development by enhancing accumulation of anthocyanin in apples. Anthocyanins are red pigments that belong to a class of molecules called flavonoids. Along with stimulating fruit coloration, anthocyanins act as powerful antioxidants.

“Blush is another example of our company’s continued commitment to America’s fruit growers,” Johnson summarized. “Along with our current portfolio of PGRs, including Exilis Plus, Falgro, Motivate, Falgro Novagib and Perlan, the introduction of Blush gives New York apple growers another valuable tool in their ongoing quest to produce the highest quality fruit.”

Blush has received the US federal registration in December 2013.

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