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Russia cancels temporary ban on GM maize NK603qrcode

Jan. 4, 2013

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Jan. 4, 2013

The Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare reports that FBGU "Institute of Nutrition” of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences has performed safety assessment of genetically modified maize NK603 tolerant to glyphosate, and the analysis of results of post-monitoring for the entire period of use of the product in the human diet.

Basing on the analysis of scientific information about genetically modified maize NK603 we conclude that:

• Chemical composition of genetically modified maize NK603 is equivalent to its conventional counterpart;
• CP4 EPSPS protein is neither toxic to humans nor is an allergen;
• Medical and biological research of genetically modified maize NK603 conducted during its official registration in the Russian Federation reveals absence of any toxic, genotoxic, sensitization, allergic and immune-modulating action, and compositional equivalence with its conventional counterpart.

At the moment genetically modified maize NK603 is registered and approved for use in the diet of the population of 17 countries including European Union, USA, China, Brazil, Japan, Argentina, Canada, and other.
Over entire period of use no adverse effects of genetically modified maize NK603 on human health were found. Comprehensive analysis of data published in the "Food and Toxicology of Chemicals” magazine (Food and Safety Toxicology, September 19, 2012) indicates that the experiment was conducted with violation of the procedure of scientific research.

According to the official opinion of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), as well as to the opinion of independent experts we conclude that the results of studies published in the journal "Toxicology of food products and chemicals” (Food and Safety Toxicology, September 19, 2012) can not be trusted.

In view of the above the letter of Rospotrebnadzor from 24.09.2012 No 01/10864-12-32 (imposing ban on import into the Russian Federation and the circulation in the Russian Federation of genetically modified maize NK603) is canceled.

Source: bsbanet.org


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