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Oct. 12, 2012

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Oct. 12, 2012

While CruiserMaxx insecticide/fungicide seed treatments have proven themselves invaluable over the years, peanut farmers were unable to take advantage of the unmatched convenience until this season. High commodity prices encouraged farmers to increase peanut acreage, despite its downward trend over the past several years. This peanut spike, expected to be upward of 20 percent in North Carolina this year, only increases the need to protect acres in the early-season.  

With the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approval of Cruiser PD insecticide, peanut growers have the chance to significantly reduce the threats of insect pests and diseases. Syngenta is packaging Cruiser PD with Dynasty PD seed-delivered fungicide as CruiserMaxx Peanuts insecticide/fungicide seed treatment. This marks the first insecticide/fungicide seed treatment combination for use on peanuts. 

CruiserMaxx Peanuts offers peanut growers protection against major early-season insects, including thrips and leafhoppers, as well as damaging soilborne and seedborne diseases like Aspergillus niger, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia and Cylindrocladium black rot (seedborne transmission).

Additionally, research shows that plants treated with Cruiser are more robust and vigorous via the Cruiser Vigor Effect. The Cruiser Vigor Effect is a broad variety of physiological plant responses to the treatment with Cruiser that help the crop grow more efficiently under an extended spectrum of unfavorable environmental conditions and abiotic stresses such as drought, cold, salinity, nutrient deficiency, low soil pH, phytotoxic compounds and heat. Vigorous plants deliver higher and more consistent yields, provide enhanced quality, and require fewer resources. This effect results in stronger plants, increased root mass and a visible difference in plant height and color early in the season.

"We are excited to provide growers with the ability to capture the benefits of Cruiser, a seed treatment they trust in so many other crops, in their peanut fields," said David Long, brand asset lead for Syngenta. “By packaging Cruiser PD with the market-leading seed treatment fungicide, Dynasty PD, Syngenta can offer our customers the best all-round early-season protection for their peanut crop."


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