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New chapter in Sino-Argentinian agricultural collaborationqrcode

Mar. 7, 2012

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Mar. 7, 2012

New chapter in Sino-Argentinian agricultural collaboration

Oscar Solis, the State Secretary of Argentine Ministry of Agriculture, is delighted that China's largest agrochemical company, Sinochem, has established a branch office in Argentina, and also is actively engaged in expanding agricultural exports of the country. In recent years, bilateral trade volume between China and Argentina has been on the rise. Argentina is the world's largest cultivator of soybean crops, and China the largest importer of soybeans, so the two countries are perfect partners for agricultural cooperation.

Argentina is a leading exporter of agricultural products. Apart from soybeans, it produces large volumes of wheat and maize, cultivation of which is concentrated around the Pampa Plateau in the North of Argentina. Some 40% of its annual soybean output is exported to China, around 20 million tonnes. With the continued improvement of the soybean cultivation technique in Argentina, there is a rising demand for crop protection solutions to ensure the production of high-quality soybean.

Argentina's Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery and Food attaches great importance to agricultural cooperation with China, and the Secretary of Agriculture makes multiple trips to China each year. Concerning this matter of a large Chinese state-owned company as Sinochem investing in Argentina, helping the country to improve its standards of cultivation, and also taking part in its soybean export trade, Argentina is showing high levels of care and concern.

Alfredo Sabelli, Chief Procurement Officer at EL Tejar, says “EL Tejar is Argentina's largest grain producer and we have an annual pesticide purchase volume of US $80 million. Whereas in the past we bought pesticide products from large multinationals, the establishment of Sinochem Agrochem is a big opportunity for us. We are extremely happy to work together with Sinochem Agrochem in the purchasing of pesticides, fertilizers and other farm products.” Sinochem Agrochem is one newly-formed business unit of Sinochem Group, mainly engaged in the agrochemical business.

Sinochem Agro Argentina S.A, the first overseas marketing services agency to be founded by Sinochem Agrochem, was formally established on May 23rd 2011. In order to consolidate Argentina's traditional market and at the same time reach out to neighboring South American countries, Sinochem Agro Argentina made the decision to base itself out of Buenos Aires, where clients are relatively concentrated and the business base is relatively stable.

"The decision to base Sinochem Agro Argentina in Buenos Aires is an expression of its desire to get closer to its client base, bringing with it Sinochem Agrochem's full range of products and services,” said Julio Eduardo Delucchi, agrochemical industry veteran and Product Registration Manager at Sinochem Agro Argentina.

Sinochem Agro Argentina's main strategic orientation is to provide marketing services and platform development of agrochemical products for South American market, while looking for opportunities of acquisition and other industry information for Sinochem Agrochem’s strategy.

Sinochem Agro Argentina is also actively working with the world's major global agrochemical companies to become an important agrochemical distributor in Argentina. And Sinochem Agrochem is happy to work with other agrochemical companies to provide better product solutions for the Argentine market.

In 2012, Sinochem Agro Argentina will introduce branded products such as Ahijuna, Huena and Antü onto the market. In addition, pilots and promotions of Sinochem branded products in the local area will be initiated. Sinochem Agrochem expects to become an important product supplier and crop solution provider to the Argentine agrochemical industry over the five or six years, gradually moving from 'made in China' to 'invented in China'.

Sinochem Agro Argentina is located in the traditional San Isidro district in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires.

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