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U.S. EPA granted full approval for Bayer CropScience’s TwinLink cottonqrcode

Jan. 30, 2012

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Jan. 30, 2012

U.S. EPA granted full approval for Bayer CropScience’s TwinLink cotton

Bayer CropScience is pleased to announce that it has received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its TwinLink technology for cotton in the USA. The EPA registration completes the federal regulatory authorization of this technology in the US, according to Bayer.

TwinLink technology combines insect-resistance for effective management of a number of lepidopteran pests and tolerance to glufosinate-ammonium herbicides. When commercialized, TwinLink technology will be offered to US cotton growers as a stack with GlyTol, the company’s proprietary glyphosate tolerance technology.

This stacked product will be the industry’s first dual-gene herbicide tolerance, dual-gene insect resistance solution for cotton, allowing farmers to manage the pests and weeds that reduce yields and fiber quality, as well as prevent or postpone the onset of weed and pest resistance.
It is anticipated that the first cotton varieties with the TwinLink and GlyTol stacked traits will be available in the US from 2013 onwards, pending additional regulatory approvals in key import countries. To date, TwinLink has been approved in Australia/New Zealand, Brazil, Canada and the US. Additional regulatory approvals are pending globally.

TwinLink is the next product in a series of new weed and insect management solutions being developed for the cotton farmer by Bayer CropScience. In 2011, the company launched three new cotton products containing GlyTol in high-performance FiberMax cotton seed varieties in the US, including the cotton industry’s first combined dual herbicide tolerant varieties featuring both GlyTol and LibertyLink- technologies.

Cotton is one of the key crops at Bayer CropScience, which ranks first in the world cotton seed market.


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