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Bayer discusses rodent gnawing damage at LAMMAqrcode

Jan. 10, 2012

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Jan. 10, 2012

Highlighting the annual cost of rodent damage to farm buildings and equipment, Bayer are quoting figures in the tens of millions at this year’s LAMMA event.

'Rodents are believed to account for between ’16-25 million worth of damage on farms each year, including untold property and equipment damage,’ explains Ken Black, Bayer’s national account manager for rural hygiene.

'Figures estimate the most significant economic damage is caused from the gnawing of electrical cables,’ he highlights.

'Rats need to gnaw’ with no regulation on the growth of their teeth they have to gnaw continually to keep the length down,’ he explains. ’This gnawing can cause short-circuiting and the breakdown of equipment, leaving some farmers faced with considerable repair bills, if not significant wiring replacement costs,’ warns Ken.

'They have also been attributed as the cause of over 20% of farm fires,’ adds Ken. ’Proving themselves as a species not only of general nuisance and inconvenience, but potential devastation.

'Visitors to LAMMA are encouraged to come and seek our advice (stand No. 806, Hall 8) where we will be profiling our new rodenticide, Rodilon. We’ll also be giving out a copy of our new Rodilon user guide and record book.

Source: Farming UK


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