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SEGA's A PANG® (Choline chloride + S-Abscisic acid) Leads 2024 Lineup of 9 New Products Releasedqrcode

Jul. 10, 2024

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Jul. 10, 2024

In response to the evolving challenges in the agricultural sector, Zhejiang SEGA Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (SEGA) has launched a suite of nine groundbreaking products for 2024. This strategic move aims to invigorate the industry and address emerging market needs.

On July 4, SEGA hosted a product launch conference at Mogan Mountain, Zhejiang Province of China, themed "Creating a Better Future Together." The event brought together company executives, industry experts, and leading distributors from across China.

Spotlight on A PANG®


The nine new products released cover a wide range of categories such as plant growth regulators, fungicides, and insecticides. Among them, A PANG® became the focus of the conference.

A PANG®, a novel plant growth regulator combining Choline chloride and S-Abscisic acid, emerged as the star of the conference. Jiafu Yuan, Product Director of the Biostimulation Department, highlighted its unique benefits:

  • Enhanced leaf photosynthesis

  • Improved delivery of photosynthetic products to tubers and roots

  • Accelerated tuber expansion

  • Optimized distribution of plant regulators

  • Increased crop resistance and quality


JiafuYuan, Product Director, Biostimulation Department, Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology Co., Ltd


  1. Residue-free, ensuring safety for subsequent crops

  2. Promotes robust leaf health and photosynthetic efficiency

  3. SL formulation maximizes pesticide efficacy

  4. Available in 100g and 500g packages for versatile application

Application Guidelines


Recommended Application Stage
Yam, Chinese herbsEarly expansion
GingerThree-leaf stage
Radish 7-9 leaf stage
PeanutFlowering and pegging stage
Sweet potatoInitial tuber formation or early expansion

Recommended dosage: 450-750 ml/ha. For optimal results, use in conjunction with Abazhuang (Amino Acid Water Soluble fertilizer).


Additional Product Launches

SEGA's 2024 lineup includes:

  1. Regulators: A PANG®, Thidiazuron 0.2% SL

  2. Fungicides: Kasugamycin 4% + Oxine-copper 36% SC, Cymoxanil 80% WG, Cymoxanil 20% SC, Propiconazole 40% EW

  3. Insecticides: Abamectin 10% + Acetamiprid 40% WG, Dinotefuran 10% + Tolfenpyrad 15% SC, Bifenazate 30% + Etoxazole 15% SC

Four additional products awaiting registration:

  • Abamectin 2% + Fosthiazate 20% EW

  • Chlorantraniliprole 5% + Lufenuron 5% SC

  • Chlorantraniliprole 10% + Chlorfenapyr 20% SC

  • Penoxsulam 20% + Ethoxysulfuron 10% WG

SEGA's Biostimulant Innovation

SEGA has been making significant strides in the biostimulant sector. In 2018, they introduced "Yibao," an Arbuscular mycorrhiza product that has shown remarkable results across various crops.

Professor Huiming Wu of Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University notes, "Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi offer unique benefits for soil improvement and plant resistance. The market potential for such products is substantial."

Industry Impact and Future Outlook

Wenbin Xiao, General Manager of SEGA's Domestic Trade Department, states: "A PANG® exemplifies our deep understanding of market-specific needs. It not only regulates plant growth effectively but also enhances disease resistance while improving yield and quality. We anticipate it becoming an essential tool for distributors in the tuber crop market."

Distributor feedback highlights SEGA's strengths:

  • Robust R&D capabilities

  • High-quality product portfolio

  • Professional service team

These factors contribute to SEGA's appeal as a long-term partner in the agricultural sector.


 WenbinXiao, General Manager of Domestic Trade Department,Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology Co., Ltd


SEGA's innovation-driven approach, encompassing crop protection, nutrition, and comprehensive agricultural solutions, positions the company to address the multifaceted challenges in modern agriculture. The launch of these 13 new products is expected to provide distributors with enhanced market development tools and improved operational efficiency.

As SEGA continues to break new ground in niche markets, it is poised to reinforce its industry leadership. The company's ongoing commitment to innovation is anticipated to play a crucial role in advancing sustainable agricultural practices in China and potentially beyond.

Source: AgroNews


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