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Sempre AgTech presents Hexafull: An additive combining 6 Bacillus strains in a synthetic communityqrcode

Jul. 9, 2024

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Jul. 9, 2024

Brazil  Brazil

Brazilian company Sempre AgTech has introduced Hexafull, a groundbreaking additive comprising a synthetic community of six Bacillus strains, touted as their flagship product. 

Sempre AgTech said each strain in Hexafull (Bacillus pumilus + Paenibacillus polymyxa + Bacillus licheniformis + Bacillus aryabhattai + Bacillus amyloliquefaciens + Bacillus megaterium) enhances soil quality, leading to higher productivity rates. This season marks the product's market debut, with the company reporting "encouraging results."

Farmers from various regions in Brazil shared case studies and experiences indicating that applying Hexafull while planting soybeans and corn promoted plant health throughout the growth cycle. Reports suggested that Hexafull-treated plants had longer, healthier roots, were disease-free, and produced bountiful pods, resulting in a harvest that exceeded expectations.

In addition to Hexafull, Sempre AgTech has developed products for controlling pests and diseases such as whitefly, corn leafhopper, and nematodes.

To bring new products to market, the 100% Brazilian company has been increasing its investments in research and innovation. In 2023, they launched a new business unit focused on research and biotechnology, named WIN (World Innovation), with an investment of BRL50 million. This unit now serves as the innovation and research arm of Sempre AgTech and operates within the Institute for Technological Research (IPT) in São Paulo.

Renato Sakamoto.jpeg″Most of the products currently available are first-generation,″ explained Renato Sakamoto, Agronomist and Product Director at Sempre AgTech, specializing in genetic improvement and biotechnology. 

He noted that there was still a "significant operational challenge with live mass application, and our differential is developing products with new technological generations, such as metabolites, phytochemicals, edited microorganisms, and interfering RNA (RNAi)."

Fernando Prezzotto, Sempre AgTech.jpeg″Today, Sempre AgTech employs 750 people, with about 20% dedicated to research, innovation, and development. Our goal is to bring disruptive products to farmers and to be at the forefront of innovation and leadership,″ Sakamoto said.

With these new investments, Sempre AgTech aims to help Brazilian agriculture achieve "technological independence," where all technologies are created in Brazil. ″We can export these tropical agriculture technologies worldwide, not just commodities but also technologies,″ Fernando Prezzotto, founder and president of Sempre AgTech, said in conclusion.

(Editing by Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages)


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