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Jun. 19, 2024

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Jun. 19, 2024


Futureco Bioscience, a provider of biological agro-inputs, has recently announced their establishment of a new subsidiary in Brazil, solidifying their commitment to sustainable agriculture in the country after commercial operations there since 2008. 

In this interview, María José Lis, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Futureco Bioscience, offers the valuable insights into the rapidly growing Brazilian biologicals market and perspectives of their approach to sustainable agriculture in Brazil.


María José Lis, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Futureco Bioscience

What policies attract overseas companies, especially biological agro-input companies, to establish subsidiaries in Brazil?

Brazil is a magnet for overseas biological agro-input companies primarily due to its advanced agricultural technology and strong commitment to sustainability. The country has invested heavily in high-tech farming solutions, making it a leader in agricultural innovation. This technological edge, combined with a supportive regulatory environment, reduces barriers for foreign companies entering the market.

Brazil's dedication to sustainable agriculture is another major draw. The government promotes sustainability certifications and practices, appealing to eco-conscious companies. Programs supporting the adoption of biological agro-inputs by local farmers also create a robust market for these products, with the demand for biological products continuously increasing. Human capital is another factor: Brazil's investment to developing a skilled workforce and facilitating collaborations with educational institutions ensures companies have the necessary human resources to thrive. 

The Brazilian biologicals markets are developing rapidly. A large number of such products are entering the markets, and competition among providers is becoming increasingly fierce. What is your view on this competition in Brazil? How to build healthy competition to facilitate the development of the industry?

The rapid development and increasing competition in the Brazilian biologicals market is a positive sign of growth and innovation. Healthy competition can drive companies to improve the quality and efficacy of their products, benefiting both the industry and the end-users—farmers and consumers. 

Healthy competition emerges naturally when consumers recognize product quality through their consumption patterns. When farmers and end-users see the tangible benefits of high-quality biological products, they naturally gravitate towards these solutions, driving market demand and encouraging continuous improvement among providers. Quality in turn, is heavily reliant on scientific research, development, and collaboration among industry players. Collaboration among diverse industry players in particular is vital in converting these product improvements into tangible benefits for farmers. By working together, key players can tailor their products and services more effectively to different production conditions, ensuring that farmers receive solutions designed to meet their unique needs. This collaborative approach enhances product efficacy and fosters a sense of shared progress within the industry.

In essence, healthy competition in Brazil's biologicals market is driven by consumer recognition of product quality, underpinned by robust scientific research and development, and collaborative approach to the problems.

Given the competition, what are the Futureco Bioscience’ advantages and disadvantages in the market?

With over 30 years of expertise in product innovation, research and development, Futureco Bioscience definitely holds a significant advantage in meeting the demanding needs of Brazilian market. Our ability to bring high-quality, effective solutions to market quickly gives us a competitive edge.

Futureco Bioscience broad experience across four continents lends a deep understanding of diverse agricultural landscapes and consumer needs. This insight allows us to navigate the complexities of the Brazilian market more effectively than others. We can rapidly anticipate market demands and effectively deliver solutions that cater to the unique needs of Brazilian farmers. Moreover, our team's broad expertise, which deepens in several fields connected to both laboratory research and field applications, help us to approach every challenge with a very diverse set of perspectives. 

Talking about challenges, expanding into the vast Brazilian market presents significant challenges, particularly in terms of resource demands. The size and diversity of Brazil's agricultural sector require extensive investment in distribution networks, local partnerships, and marketing efforts to effectively reach and serve the entire market. Ensuring adequate resources to support these activities is a considerable hurdle, but it also offers an opportunity for strategic growth and innovation.

At Futureco Bioscience, this resource-intensive challenge fuels our determination to explore new strategies and forge partnerships that can help us manage and optimize these demands. By leveraging our expertise and collaborating with local stakeholders, we aim to establish a strong presence and ensure our products are widely available across Brazil's varied agricultural regions.

Which markets are you targeting in Brazil? How did you adapt your products and services to meet the specific needs and regulations of the Brazilian market?

Futureco Bioscience strategically targets specific markets in Brazil that prioritize high-quality and high-performance agricultural solutions, while simultaneously emphasizing the long-term health and sustainability of farming practices. Our focus lies on markets that maintain balanced and environmentally sustainable production systems to ensure future productivity and ecological resilience. Moreover, we focus on markets that prioritize maintaining the health and balance of their production systems. By providing solutions that enhance sustainability, we help farmers achieve better yields while preserving the long-term viability of their land. This approach aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainable agriculture in Brazil. 

To adapt our products and services to the specific needs and regulations of the Brazilian market, we have taken several strategic measures. While some of our products already fit well within the current regulatory framework, allowing for quicker market entry, other products are still in the registration process. 

Is there any market gap in Brazil? Will it lead to your launch of new biologicals in the future? 

We are in a continuous process of identifying producer needs both in Brazil and in other markets, and often these needs are common. One significant market gap in Brazil is the increasing challenge posed by climate change. This has led us to value certain products that were initially designed for production in very arid regions, which are now becoming essential in areas where such measures were not previously necessary. For example, products that minimize water consumption and increase water stress resilience are gaining importance. These include solutions designed to maintain plant health during periods of maximum water stress and sunscreens to prevent fruit burn and to help sustain photosynthetic activity during high radiation periods.

Identifying these gaps is crucial, and it influences our product development strategy. This proactive approach indeed, allows us to develop and introduce biologicals that meet these emerging challenges, supporting farmers in achieving long-term sustainability and productivity.


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